"feel free to use it"

I feel great right now. I feel like, even though I have my heart set on a certain guy, I can still think other guys are cute, and I can still want to date other guys, and give them my number and all that jazz. I don't have to feel guilty, because I know I'm following the prophet's guidance, and not limiting myself to one guy. I don't have to feel like I'm letting that certain guy down. Here's the story...
Today while I was working, Colter texted me and invited me to a Family Home Evening party at his apartment. In his text, he said it was at half seven, and I didn't know what that meant! So I asked him what time it was at, and this was his reply:
"Half seven. Seven thirty. Thirty minutes after seven and thirty minutes before eight. An hour is sixty minutes, so half of one hour is thirty minutes and one half hour after the clock strikes seven, it will hit seven thirty. That's when the party will start. At half seven."
It made me laugh. So I ended up going with Emily. We were a little late getting there, because the party (obviously) started at 7:30, and my shift didn't end until 8:00. We got there just in time to eat the hot pizza they had picked up. Colter introduced us to everyone, and a young man named Benny, who just got off of his mission to Ohio, caught my attention, but I didn't think much of it. We ended up playing a couple of board games, (rumikub and scrabble!) and I lost both of them miserably. While we were playing scrabble, Benny came up right next to me, and started helping me, and giving me ideas of where I could put my scrambled letters, which he so easily made sense of right away. It was nice! That kinda sparked me interest a little bit more. Out of nowhere, he said "Hey Colter, doesn't she look like Jill (i can't remember which name he used, so we'll go with jill)?" and Colter said "Uh... Only the shape of her head. That's it." My clever witts came in at this point and I asked "Is Jill pretty?" and Benny right away said "Yes, very pretty." Tee hee!
When the time came that Emily and I had to leave, Benny was at Del Taco with a friend. We left, and I texted Colter and told him to give Benny my phone number. Colter did so, and I said thanks! Haha, "Colter, tell him to feel free to use it."
Benny hasn't texted me yet, but hopefully he'll get the hint and do it soon. He seemed like a really awesome guy, and the whole time at the party, he was singing and playing the guitar. Nice. And, the fact that he's a Returned Missionary is a huge turn on, too.
We'll see how this one goes...


i think about you maybe more than i should.

I just have one question: Can you miss someone you've never met before?
Because I'm beginning to think that you can.
Or maybe I have met him before... In my previous life.
Either way, he's the only thing on my mind.
"The Garden That You Planted" by Sea Wolf
Good morning dear. I hope I didn't wake you too soon.
Because my mind is growing tired - too much thinking what I should do.
I picture you out there. It must be beautiful this time of year.
All those east coast leaves floating round like embers from burning trees.
Well the weather out here is just the same, but the garden that you planted remains.
Now it's only work. Each day bleeding into the next.
Barely scraping by. I tire myself out just so I can rest.
But rest, it rarely comes, and when it does, I cannot go home.
Because it's much too quiet. It seems that I'm not suited to being alone.
And everyone around me has changed, but the garden that you planted remains.
I think about you maybe more than I should.
But the smoke is getting old. The drugs I'm taking aren't so good.
So will you talk to me, even though you had a late night?
Because I need a little help. Baby, tell me I'll be alright.
Because everything around me has changed, but the garden that you planted remains.



Okay, so I stole this idea from my friend, Celeste, but I really liked it...
As the year 2008 comes to an end, I've realized that I have change a lot. It's kinda crazy how people start to grow up... I've only lived in Herriman for almost two years, and I lived in Riverton before that for about fourteen years, and honestly, I think I've done more growing up and learning in the past two years in Herriman then the fourteen years in Riverton, due to people I know here in Herriman - People Heavenly Father has blessed me to get to know and learn from.
So, here would be a list of people I've known who have improved my life, opportunities to realize things that make a huge difference, and more things that I have changed, just this year.
    • Erik and I broke up, and I realized what I really wanted.
    • I made a list of what I want my husband to be like, and I stuck to it.
    • I dated Russell.
    • I truly felt the whisperings of the spirit, and acted upon them.
    • I talked to my bishop, and became really close with him.
    • I felt the blessings of the atonement in my life.
    • I started writing Elder Brinton.
    • I continued to write Elder Brinton, to this day, and longer.
    • Personal revelation.
    • I started working at Rise.
    • Chrissy Johnson.
    • Erica Coats.
    • Sarah Anderson
    • Courtney Johnson.
    • Mandy Johnson.
    • I decided who my role model was. (Chrissy Johnson)
    • Youth Conference: Steadfast and Immovable.
    • EFY: Steady and Sure.
    • I started to really read the scriptures and say my prayers diligently.
    • I asked Heavenly Father to change my life.
    • I got called to be a Primary Teacher.
    • I started college.
    • Brother Soderberg.
    • Alma 38:5.
    • I gained a greater love for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson.
    • I realized who I really am.
    • I realized that Heavenly Father had changed my life for the better.
    • I realized that a year ago, I never would've guessed I would be where I am today, and I'm so glad I am here.
    • I was on the verge of cutting my hair really short.
    • I have a desire to stand up for what I believe in, and I've done it a few times, even in front of my friends.
    • I learned that the gospel is what holds my life together, and it is the single most greatest thing in my life.
    • I learned that I am nothing without my Saviour.
    • I've seen things come to pass that are mentioned in my patriarchal blessing.
    • My car wreck.
    • I've seen the results of following promptings from the spirit, which seemed so ridiculous at the time.
    • I've seen what might've been results of what would've happened if I had listened to the promptings of the spirit.
    • My life makes sense.
    • I'm able to understand why things happen and why I should choose the right path before I see the consequence.
    • I am spiritually minded, and relate everything to the gospel, without even realizing I'm doing it.
    • I learned that I am elect; that I am chosen.
    • I was able to strengthen my relationship with my Father in Heaven. We talk.
    • I've set goals for my future.
    • I know what I want to be when I'm older.
    • I found out that I'm going to be an aunt!
    • EFY CDs = Amazing.
    • I learned to love life.

funny quote.

Sara asks, "Did you know that if someone likes you, they'll point their knees toward you when they sit by you?"

Megan answers, "I must be a polygamist then!"


back from sin city, just in time for christmas.

Merry Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's finally here, and I can't believe it came by so fast this year! Well, I got a really awesome dell laptop for Christmas, which I am currently typing on! It's yellow! :D I also got some clothes, including a coat that I really love! I also got the opportunity to go down to Las Vegas with my whole family (except Jared and Daniel) for a few days before Christmas, and that's what I'm going to expound on for this post.
Day One.
It's about a six or seven hour drive from Salt Lake to Vegas, and that's a lot of time to spend squished in a car with four other people, and yes, we did get a little... restless. Not to mention, there was a horrible snow storm for the first two hours or so of our trip. It was scary. We saw an SUV on the side of the road that was tipped over, and so was the trailer it was carrying. I felt bad. But we carried on anyway. We met up with Matt and Stephanie in St. George, where we had lunch with them at El Pollo Loco. My dad loves that place. After that, Rachel, Sara and I all road with Matt and Steph for the rest of the trip - about two more hours. Maybe it's the Arizona air, but once we hit Arizona, the three of us in the back seat went nuts. It might've been the fact that Steph gave us their old Halloween candy. They were in for a treat. I actually got a picture of the three of us, and Sara looks like a thumb head! It kept us giggling for a few minutes.

When we got to Vegas, I couldn't stop taking pictures! It was gorgeous! I absolutely love the lights and the palm trees there. We got there just in time to hit up a buffet at the hotel we stayed at called the Monte Carlo. Sara and I ALMOST tried sushi. We even put it on our plates and walked back to the table, but we both chickened out at the last minute. It just doesn't look, or smell all that appetizing to me. Maybe one day... After that, Rachel, Sara and I went up to Matt's room to play his wii. We played Fantastic Four! It was so much fun. I was Sue, Sara was The Thing, Matt was the fire guy and Rachel was the stretchy man. Halfway through the game, Rach found out that her player could beat people up with his head, and she did that the rest of the game, and we didn't stop laughing about it. It was great fun. After playing the wii, we all went to bed.
Day two.
We started the day off by going to the Hash House, where they serve abnormally large amounts of food on a plate. It was kind of a brunch, and I wasn't feeling like a pancake, so I ordered a burger. When it came out, it was HUGE. So huge, in fact, that it came with a steak knife to cut through it. "A challenge?", I thought, and I downed the whole thing! I was proud of what I accomplished.

Also, while we were at the Hash House, Jake and Angie made an announcement. I'm gonna be an aunt! I am so excited! My mom was bouncing off the walls. She's been wanting a grandchild for quite some time, and has bribing the three oldest. It was her Christmas present. The baby is due on July 13!
After the Hash House, we got our shop on! We walked down the strip and went into stores that looked stellar. I had one store in mind, and that was H&M, located in the Planet Hollywood hotel. I bought two pairs of shoes there, which I really like.
After that, we all met up with the rest of the family, and my dad gave all the girls a $100 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. We all headed over there, and we went crazy. I fought my urge to buy some sexy lingerie (ha! kidding.) and bought some make up (eye shadow, macara, lip gloss) and some really great smelling lotion, perfume and body wash. Oh, I love being a girl! Sara introduced me to the Pure Seduction scent, and I fell in love! Ah, that stuff is good.
When shopping was through, I got a chance to take a few pictures of the city and I really like what I got!

After that, we were able to go to a play called Mama Mia. It was so hilarious! Kind of crude, but funny. I really enjoyed it. There was this guy who played the boyfriend, and Sara thought she was in love! "He waved at me at the end!" After the play, we stopped by a cafe in our hotel and ate a late dinner. I wasn't very hunry so I shared some chicken fingers with Sara. That cafe had the best water I've ever tasted in my life! I'd definately go back there just for their water. When we were finished, we headed back up to our rooms where we went to sleep for the night.
Day Three.
When we woke up and got all of our luggage in the car, my mom and sisters wanted to go to Sephora, so we all headed over there, after eating at another buffet (my favorite: cravings in the mandalay bay hotel) I don't really like Sephora, just because their make up is ridiculously expensive, so my dad and I sat on a bench while the rest of them shopped.
After that, we headed back home. Our plan was to arrive home at about 8:00, but we got there around 11:00. But when I got home, I had three letters from missionaries waiting for me, as well as a check stub from work. I was pretty happy about that.
The next day was Christmas, and that's today. It was a great day, and I got to talk to my brother, Daniel. What a fantastic life I live. I love every minute of it.


i love these kinds of days.

Today was a good day. It happened in three different parts.
Part one: Hours of boredom.
Yes, I was bored for hours. I woke up right in time to see my dad leave for work. My mom and sisters were already gone. So I was home alone. I spent a good portion of my time on the computer, checking my facebook account several times, and also playing around on my blog. After that, I decided to get dressed. It was really nice because I had a few hours before I had to go to work, so I had lots of time to pick out my outfit. Usually, I have about five minutes to pick out what I'm going to wear, and I think that's probably why my outfits always look bad. I don't have time to think about it. I finally found the perfect outfit! It was a summer outfit, with flatts, but I didn't care! I liked it! Then, I looked out my window to find a blizzard outside. Dang. New outfit. I finally decided on a emerald green shirt, a dark purple scarf, jeans and dark brown uggs. I like it!
Part two: Am I really getting paid to do this?
I love my job. That's about it. My foster kid and I headed over to the office after I picked him up from school, because he had a doctor's appointment. I met up with Emily and her foster kid, because they were in the office, too, and we played card games for about an hour. When my kid came out, the four of us went into the jets room and played dress ups! I honestly didn't think the two teenaged boys would be that into it when we suggested it to them, but they went all out! It was a blast, and my kid's girly voice and poses were hilarious! Boy, what a night!

Part three: Shirtless men in my backyard!
It's true! I saw them myself! We had a cast party tonight at our house for Sara's school play, and afterwards, a few of them ran outside and took of their shirts and made snow angels! Okay, so maybe it was only Dylan and Justin. In fact, Justin took off more than just his shirt... It all started when I looked out the window, and what did I see? Justin in his pa-a-anties (sung to the tune of "popcorn popping"). Justin had taken off his pants, and ran around in his boxers! And I didn't get a picture! But I did get a picture of him and Dylan without shirts. I'm sure Kim and Rachel liked it.

So, all in all, it was a fabulous day! I really needed it.

a personal grudge.

A few days ago Emily and I had the greatest idea! We were both going to look and see if both of our spring breaks were during the same week, and if they were, we were going to plan to drive down to California together and go to a concert.
At once, I texted chacha and asked them when spring break was for Utah Valley University students. They texted back "Spring break for Utah Valley University students is March 9-13, 2009." I told Emily, and she said that's when hers was too!
So it was set. We started looking online for concerts in California during that week. We were excited.
Then, today Emily texted me and told me that my spring break was March 18-20. Her brother goes to my school, and they looked it up on the school website. I was mad.
Apparently chacha bleeds blue.
Chacha must die...

to do, or not to do.

Christmas break starts today, and goes through January 6th, and then school starts on January 7th. That's a little less than three weeks. I made a to-do list.

  1. Write back to these missionaries: Elder Parson, Elder Long and my brother.
  2. Go to Las Vegas with my family and take pictures there.
  3. Celebrate Christmas with my family.
  4. Celebrate New Years (maybe with my family).
  5. Take as many shifts as possible for work.
  6. Buy textbooks for the spring semester of school.
  7. Go shopping the day after Christmas and try not to get trampled.
  8. Catch up on my drumming.
  9. Go to Cameron's farewell.
  10. Buy a new backpack.
  11. Finish the book of Luke before Christmas.
  12. Turn in my apartment application.
  13. Spend some time with Celeste when she comes up.
  14. Talk to Daniel on the phone when he calls on Christmas day.


musical discovery.

I have been bombarded with a few great songs I've discovered with the help of some friends, and I just wanted to share them. So here they are! (videos included!)
"That Garden That You Planted" by Sea Wolf (favorite)
"Zombie" by The Cranberries
"Time" by Cute Is What We Aim For
"I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About" by Mayday Parade
"Risque" by Cute Is What We Aim For

"Lucky" by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat
"Twenty Years" by Augustana

finals: check.

Finals... are... DONE! I am so happy.
My scores on finals aren't too shabby, which is nice. I got a 78 (okay, a little shabby) on my math final, but my overall grade was a B+, and I'll take it! My CLSS final score was an 86, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be bumped up a few points, because there were two essay questions. The 86 was just the scantron portion. And my health final... well, I don't know what I got on that yet. I need to email my professor and ask her what I got. But hey, I seem to be doing pretty well!
Today as I was driving to my school, the roads (even bangerter and the freeway) were covered in snow. It was a little scary driving. I think my average speed for the whole trip was about 35 mph. What usually takes me 45 minutes driving to school took me almost 2 hours, because of the conditions. It was lame, but I had nothing better to do. I listened to all of my Allred songs. I love Allred; he's my favorite.
When I got to school, I realized that my feet weren't properly dressed for the occasion. The parking lot was full of snow, about four or five inches deep, and I was wearing flatts. HA! So, I walked. And my shoes got snowy, and my socks got snowy. Yes, I was wearing socks with my flatts. I think that's the only thing that saved my feet!
I had about an hour before my first final started, so I walked on over to the bookstore and sold my books back to them. The only lame thing about that is that they give you back only about a third of what you spent on them. After that, I walked around campus and found my classrooms for next semester. Two of them are on one side of campus, and the other two are clear on the opposite side of campus. This should be fun...
After taking my finals (and almost falling down because of ice on my way to the testing center) I drove home! The roads were clearer this time, but there was a wreck that slowed me down for about twenty minutes. Haha, I just realized I sound like a weather reporter. Sorry! :/
So now I'm home, eating some yummy soup. I've got about three weeks to do nothing! I'm pretty excited. Although, I am picking up a lot of shifts at work, but I like work! And I'm leaving for Vegas in four days, and I'm pretty excited about that, too. Christmas breaks are always fun.
Oh, one more thing... I have "Wait For Me" by Sons of Provo stuck in my head. I think I'll go find another song to be stuck in there...


a realization.

I've been having a spiritual week so far, and I just thought I'd write down what I've realized in the past few days, that totally blew my mind away. I want to share a total of two things that I think are absolutely profound, and I know I couldn't have thought them up by myself. I love it when Heavenly Father lets the Spirit whisper amazing things He wants me to know. I feel so lucky and so blessed knowing that he cares about me that much.

One night I was saying my prayers. It was during a silent pause that all of this knowledge came flooding into my head. What I realized was something I've known my entire life, but never really thought much about. I realized that the straight and narrow path that leads to eternity is, in fact, straight and narrow. I also realized that peoples' lives, peoples' paths they walk on are not straight and narrow. Actually, they are quite crooked, leading people here and there, zig-zagging to and fro, always changing. I realized how we are so used to our lives being so chaotic, and all over the place. If our lives were set out on a board, with the straight and narrow path right smack dab in the middle, what are the chances of us finding it? What are the chances of us finding it, and staying on it? I then realized how incredibly blessed I am to not have only found the path for myself, but to actually be walking down it, this very moment. I realized how blessed I was because some peoples' paths don't even cross it. I realized that as much as our lives are changing, the gospel has always stayed the same, and will always stay the same. What a great gift Heavenly Father has given us. I just feel the need to express how amazing that man is. Truly.
Secondly, I was at my staff Christmas party last night, and we had a white elephant gift exchange. There was a gift on the table that was wrapped in a clear, cellophane bag. It was a little painting of Santa Clause. Apparently, no one wanted it, because it was the last present left on the table. When the game ended, the painting was still on the table, because someone had left early. There it was, sitting all by itself. Cheryl got up, walked over to the table, picked it up, turned around and said, "Do you guys know the meaning behind this picture?" She then began to explain that some man who was in a war (?), who was paralyzed from the neck, down, painted that picture, while holding the paintbrush in his mouth. Everyone completely changed their views about that picture, now that they knew the meaning behind it. But it was too late... It really made me think about how often people look at our church, and everything we do, and aren't satisfied with it, so they move on to the next one, blindly knowing what they're going to get. They take their chances, because this church doesn't look all that great. But when people find out the true meaning behind out church, and what we stand for, and what we believe, they experience a change of heart. That's what I love about our church. Everyone is so judgemental towards it, but we, the members, don't mind, because we know the truth.

I am so blessed.


staff christmas party.

So tonight was the Rise Staff Christmas Party, and it was a blast! I went with Emily. She actually quit Rise when she moved up to Logan in August, but she's home for the holidays, and they're letting her pick up a few extra shifts, because they have a ton.
It was held in a Methodist church, which was pretty cool. When Emily and I got there, we both went into the bathroom so I could change into my pajamas, because it was a pajama party! I brought two pairs of pajama pants, because I couldn't decide which ones to wear. (Yeah, I'm a girl. Go figure.) The first ones I put on were these thermals that are white with pink snow flakes. I really like to wear them at home, because they're really comfy, but I walked out of the stall, and told Emily that I felt naked! Haha, there was no way I was going out in front of my co-workers with these on. So I changed into my other pair, which were blue fleece pajama pants. Sooo warm! For my shirt, I brought my The Maine band t-shirt. You're probably thinking "Hey! The Maine isn't Christmassy!" but I assure you, they are! It was them who came out with a whole Christmas EP! They've got Chirtsmas spirit!
When we walked into the party, I started laughing, because Camille was wearing footie pajamas. They were amazing. I rememeber the good ol' days when I used to waer them, and then cut the feet out when I got too tall. But anyway! We were some of the first people there, and Suzy was really anxious to eat, so we all started eating! Tina brought some macaroni salad from walmart, and it was delightful! Emily and I couldn't get enough of it!
After a few more people showed up, we started the white elephant. I ended up with a movie called "The Story of The Creation" and Adam and Eve were on the cover! Haha, it was lame, but it made me laugh. I think the funniest present of all, though, was Colter's. He brought a box of macaroni and cheese, along with three tiny candy canes, wrapped in lint roller sheets. Hahaha, that kid is hilarious. I totally sat by him tonight, too! "Colter, move your fat head so I can see what gift they got!"
I brought my camera with me tonight so I could take pictures to post up here, but I didn't even take any! I kind of forgot, until I got into my car to drive home, and then I was like "Oh... Whoops!" Haha, there are my great photographer skills kickin' in! :)
I really like working for Rise! It's a blast. The people are fun. The foster kids are fun (most days). Everyone's so close and so nice all the time. It's the best.


this week: final exams.

Eek! Tomorrow is my math final! I really studied hard for it, but I'm not sure that I'll do well, haha! Hopefully! But we'll see. But the good news is that I only have 2 more semesters of math left after this final: 1010 and 1030. Woo hoo! I calculated everything up, and I'm going to have to get a really great grade on this final to get a B. HA! Yep. I rock at math, can you tell? :)
My other two finals are both on Thursday. One's for Health, and the other is for English. It's not really English though. That's just what I call it. It's really a class to help you with future English classes, along with future anything classes. It was actually really helpful! It helped me learn how to study, which is really nice in college. It's called CLSS 1170. I'd definately recommend it to anybody who needs help studying in college, because, frankly, college courses are much harder than high school courses, and they require much more studying. But the sad thing is that my school is cutting the class at the end of the school year. Lame. I think I'll have to write a letter to the school president or something. That's what my professor encouraged me to do.
After finals, I'm going to Las Vegas with my family! Yes! Las Vegas! The city that never sleeps, and the sleeper who is never a city! (haha, whose line is it anyway humor... gotta love that show) I'm leaving on the 22nd, and we're stopping down at the Tholen's city to eat lunch with them! YES! I love the Tholens! They have been my best friends for a few years now! Celeste and Megan are their names. But they moved about 4 hours away, and I never get to see them anymore! So, as you can tell, I'm way excited to see them on the 22nd! But anyway, we get home from Vegas on the 24th. Just in time to exchange family gifts! And then... Christmas! Ah, I love the holidays. I never knew how much I missed Christmas music until about a month ago. It's the best!
Well, tomorrow I'm sending a Christmas package off to Elder Brinton. I sent him some homemade fudge! Ohh, that stuff is good. I told him I helped my mom make it! Haha, I just stirred it for not even a minute... But still! That's helping, right? I think Kody is such a great guy, and I really can't wait to meet him when he gets home, which is in about 10 months! Woot!
That's all from me. I really need to go to sleep so I can do somewhat well on my final tomorrow. Wish me luck!


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Well, only 13 more days until Christmas, and we finally got one of our trees decorated! Both of our trees have been bare for the past week or so, and it's great to finally see them decorated! This one is now standing proudly in our library! It looks lovely, if I do say so myself. I forgot how tall it is! Our other tree is still standing bare, in our living room. We'll get to it sooner or later, I hope...

Speaking of Christmas trees, I wasn't able to go to the Festival of Trees this year. Bummer. I've always enjoyed going there with my choir of wonderful homeschoolers, and singing Christmas songs; some which were very beautiful and spiritual, and some that were just plain cheesy - actions and everything. But we had fun! And that was the whole point. And afterwards, we'd walk through the aisles of trees, our eyes lighting up when we saw one we liked! But no worries! I'll go next year! Maybe with my roomies, even! Because by this time next year, I'll be living in Orem with Celeste, Erica and Cassie. It'll be fun!
One more thing before I go. Last night I went to The Forgotten Carols. It was so amazing! I've been to that play several times, but it never ceases to amaze me! The spirit felt there is so strong, and you can really feel the true meaning of Christmas! I just love it! I would definately recommend it to anyone who hasn't gone yet.
Merry Christmas everyone! :)


"do we look like twin codfish?"

The other night, on Saturday, the 6th, I went to my sister's school play, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." It was great, and I was surprised how good they were at acting! But the whole highlight of the night was after the play, when Rachel, Dylan, Alex, Cassie, Sara, Tanner, Clayne, and I all went to Carl's Jr. Ya know that time of night when you get a little crazy, and do things you normally wouldn't do? Well, it was that time of the night for most of us, (well, okay, my table: Clayne, Tanner, Sara and me) and we were bouncing off the walls, going off about codfish!

It all started when Sara and I went up to Dylan, and asked "Do we look like twin codfish?" and we both did our ugly little Barlocker frowns (I swear, only my family can do them). Then Clayne and Tanner got into it, and we started making up stories about codclouds and codblades.

Then, we started saying "codfi." It's plural for "codfish!" Fun fun. "Do we look like twin codfi? :("

Well, we were all sitting there, most of us drinking our shakes we had ordered. My shake had a whole bunch of whipped cream on the top, which I didn't really like, so I scooped all of it off, and put it on a napkin. Dylan, being the weird kid he is, took the napkin and started eating the whipped cream! And then Clayne yells out "Dylan! Stop eating the codcream!" hahaha.

You're probably wondering why I haven't told you what codcloud, codblade or codcream is. Trust me; you don't want to know. :)

After that, we all went into the play area and had a blast! It was quite possible the funnest night in my life, so far. Definately something I will always remember.

Clayne + Tanner + Twin Codfi = Awesome. The end.