the engagement story.

Last night, I got proposed to. A week before, I got fake-proposed to.

A week ago to the day, Zac and I were sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with his family, waiting for his sister-in-law, JoJo, to have her baby. Earlier that day, Zac had bought my engagement band, and had it with him the whole day. While we were sitting in the waiting room, Zac went to go get a drink. I saw that his shoe laces were untied, so I leaned over to his little sister, Sophie, and told her to point and him and laugh with me. When he came back, we did just that. I said, "Your shoe laces are untied. Here, let me tie them for you."
Then Zac said, "No, I'll do it. Just hold this for me." He then put a little box on my hand that was wrapped with a bow. I looked down at it, and my heart stopped, then started racing faster than it's ever raced before! My mind was going a million miles an hour, and I got hot and sweaty.
I asked, "What is this?" and he said, "Open it and see." I froze. I couldn't say anything, and I didn't know what to do, so I put it down on the seat next to me, and just thought for a while, with a completely shocked look spread across my face. I thought, "This can't be happening! He hasn't even asked my dad, and he hasn't even bought the diamond! What the heck is going on?!"
After a while, I asked again, "What was that?!" Zac started laughing and said, "It was a fake proposal," then smiled. I was so confused, and so hot that I had to take my coat off. Zac's mom was in on it, and I looked over at her and saw her laughing. It took a while to gain my normal feelings and temperature back, but when I did, I had to laugh at the trick he played on me.
A while later, we went into JoJo's room and saw my new little future niece, Kynlee Mae. Adorable.

Throughout the week, I just KNEW that Zac was going to ask me on the first of February (which is today), because that was our four month anniversary. (It turns out that Zac was planning on asking me on the 8th.) He had texted my best friend, Emily, for some help, and she told him that it would be more of a surprise if he did it on January 31st (yesterday), because I wouldn't be expecting it. On Sunday, when we were planning out our week, he suggested that we go to the Tree Room in Sundance (a super nice and expensive restaurant) on Monday, because he "just got his paycheck, and wanted to take me out to eat, because we never go." I got suspicious, and texted Emily and told her that I thought he was going to propose on Monday at Sundance. She texted back and said, "I think your first guess was closer... He's trying to throw you off." Then I thought, "But we didn't plan anything special for Tuesday."
On Monday, Zac texted me and said that the ring was have "complications" and wouldn't be done until next week. I told Emily about it, and she said that he was telling the truth. Thinking Emily would be a good friend and not lie to me, I asked her, "Are you really telling the truth?" She said, "Yeah, dude.Your ring isn't done." I believed it, and got really bummed, because I didn't want to wait anymore. I fell asleep when I got home from school, partly because I was bummed about the ring, and partly because I wasn't feeling well. I was woken up by Zac calling me. He was standing in my doorway, but we have a rule of not going into each others' rooms together.
We left half an hour later (and I didn't even redo my hair, and I wish I had). We listened to The Beatles on the way up; it was nice. When we got to The Tree Room, I was blown away. It was beautiful! The lighting was dim, lit with candles, and through the tall windows on the side you could see trees and snow.
We ordered our food (he got steak, and I got chicken), and before they brought it out to us, they brought out some "Compliments from the Chef," which was some kind of tuna with a sauce. It looked gross, and I was nervous to eat it, but when I did, I wanted more. It was delicious!
When we got our food and started eating, we both looked at each other with wide eyes and ranted about how amazing the food was. His steak was incredibly tender, and my chicken was unlike any I've ever tasted. It was SO GOOD!
After dinner, Zac ordered dessert. While we were waiting for our dessert, Zac left to go to the bathroom. I later discovered that he really left to set up the place where he'd propose. When he came back, we shared a little chocolate cake with chocolate syrup in the middle (I know there's a name for them, but I can't remember it) served with raspberry syrup. When we were done, and all the brown and red dessert was spread across the plate, I made a comment about how the plate looked like the toilet after I go to the bathroom when I'm on my period. Zac laughed, and so did I, because I'm classy in posh settings.
After leaving the restaurant, Zac said that they had a little room with a fireplace that he wanted to check out. We went into the room, that was separated from the lobby by a thick curtain, and stood by the fire, and hugged for a long time. Zac showed me the roses he got me that were sitting on the table, along with the wine glasses of sparkling cider and truffles. Then he said, "I have one more thing for you." He pulled out the ring he had been hiding in his coat pocket, got down on one knee, and said, in a shaky voice, something like, "Megan Marie, I love you so much, and I want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?" I smiled bigger than I knew I could, and said yes. He put the ring on my finger, got up and hugged me for a long time again. We kissed over and over, and kept saying, "I love you." Then we sat down and drank the sparkling cider and ate the truffles, and kept looking at my ring. It was perfect!
When we left, Zac asked if I wanted to go to his house and light off a Chinese Wish Lantern (because I LOVE those!). I said, "YES!" When we got out of the canyon, I called his mom and told him we were coming. She knew we were engaged, and was so excited for us! After we hung up, I called my dad and told him the news. My mom was with him, and she heard every word, because my dad had put me on speakerphone. They were conveniently in Orem when I called, and so we met up with them in the parking lot of the Provo mall, and I showed them my ring. When we got to Zac's house, we were greeted with hugs from his parents, and I showed them the ring. When Zac's sister, Whitney, (who just got proposed to a few weeks ago) got home, we tried to light off a Chinese Lantern, but it was too windy, and didn't work, haha.
We left after a while, and told all of Zac's roommates, including Wes and Erica (who is actually my roommate) who were hanging out there.

It was such an amazing night! I had no idea it was coming, and everything went perfectly. I'm excited to be engaged to my best friend and lover, Zachary Max. :)
Our amazing food.
Me and Zac at The Tree Room.
Moments after he proposed.
My ring and my excited face!

My gorgeous ring.