first date.

After spending every night together for the past two weeks (with Erica and Wes, of course), Zac took me out on a date last night. It was our first date, and it was special.

I got off an above-average day of work at 7:00 pm, and about half an hour later, Zac picked me up in his sweet '08 red Eclipse. (I feel like a rock star every time he takes me for a ride in that thang.) We were both kind of nervous at first. I don't know what it is, but every time I go on a real date, I freak myself out and get all nervous.
We listened to Copeland on the way over to Subway (he told me we'd get Subway on our hawt date, and I was looking forward to it all day!). We ordered our sandwiches, and took them with us to Bridal Veil Falls, where we sat on the bridge right in front of the water fall and ate and talked. It was dark, and people kept shining their flashlights on us, and we kept hearing explosions from down the trail from people who had giant yogurt containers. It was pretty chilly, but thankfully we both brought jackets, and we took turns warming up each other's hands. The stars were out, and since it was so dark, you could see them really well. It was gorgeous up there.
When we finished our sandwiches, we walked back to the car (but not before I tripped over some holes in the trail a few times) and we headed further up the canyon to Sundance to ride the ski lift together. We rode the shuttle to the lift, and got on as unawkwardly as we could (which turned out to be not so awkward) and were lifted up the mountain.
The full moon was out and was shining down on the mountain, making it just beautiful. Zac and I talked about everything that was on our minds, which turned into some pretty deep conversation, which I love. We sat there on our little lift just talking and holding each other's cold hands, our feet dangling above the steep, steep mountain. At one point, on our way back down the lift, we were going down one of the most steep mountains I've ever seen, and I got a little scared, but Zac held onto me really tight and told me not to be scared. It was sweet.
When we got off the lift, we decided to take a picture of the both of us, because we'd regret it if we didn't. So we got a really nice and funny couple to take our picture on Zac's iPhone, and then we boarded the shuttle back to the car.
On the way home, I was the DJ, and we listened to slow songs (except for "Fit, But You Know It" by The Streets, because it made me laugh that Zac had that song on his iPhone, and I just had to listen to it). When we got out of the canyon, I got a text from our good ol' friend, Rachel (pronounced, "RAY-CHEL," in an obnoxious voice) that said, "I miss your beautiful face!" Zac and I decided to stop by her apartment and surprise her with our presence. After hanging out at her apartment for a few minutes, we all piled into Zac's car (Rachel laid down in the back seat because it's small back there and that's the best way she fits) and drove the half block to my apartment, where we watched TV until Wes, Erica and Ryan came. While everyone else watched Freaks and Geeks (I highly recommend that show), Zac and I fell fast asleep (seriously, we were out cold).
Wes and Ryan woke Zac up (I was too deep in sleep to be woken up at that time) and they left. I woke up this morning at 4:00 to find out that I was still in my clothes, so I put on my pajamas and went back to bed.
All I can say is this: That was the best first date I've ever been on.

Me and Zac at Sundance


ten things.

I stole this idea from Emily, who stole it from her sister, Carlee. A list of my ten favorite things.

1. Institute
2. Good music
3. Holding hands
4. Photography
5. Butterflies (the feeling, not the insect)
6. "One Tin Soldier" by Coven
7. Men who honor their Priesthood and respect women (I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this)
8. Doing stupid/fun things with friends that you know you'll remember in twenty years
9. Clothes/getting dressed up
10. Reading amazing books that suck you in

Buildings at Chinatown in San Francisco


to mom.

Dear Mom,
I miss you. I am doing fine here at school. Erica and I made new friends last week with some guys named Wes, Zac, Nick and Ryan. We mostly just hang out (every night until midnight or later) with Wes and Zac. In fact, last night they came over and the four of us had a four-way spooning session while we watched Moon Struck. It was awkward, and I didn't want to do it at first, but they talked me into it, and I fell asleep while spooning (and twitched).
I signed up for a Mission Prep class in Institute last week, and made a friend named Mark, who is hilarious, and, after meeting him for the first time on Monday, he gave me a huge hug today and scratched my back, too! He's 18, and has white chucks, that I very much approve of. My Mission Prep teacher is Brother Lewis. He remembers me from last year when I took Book of Mormon from him. Today he made me direct the devotional, and also "let" me give the spiritual thought. I'm coming out of my shell! Are you proud?
My roommates are all pretty awesome, and our kitchen has stayed decently clean for a few days now, which amazes me. I still have to clean it up everyday or so though. Remember how I hate cleaning up in our kitchen at home? I think it's because that kitchen is HUGE, and the one down here is pretty small.
I have a sore throat from staying up so late with Erica, Wes and Zac, so today I plan to go to the grocery store with Rachel (I worked with her in the summer. She's a staff--not a foster kid) and buy some Simply Orange, because any other orange juice is pretty gross compared to Simply Orange. Oh, and I'm gonna get some cough drops.
Today in Photography, I took photos on a whole roll of film just to find out that the roll of film couldn't be developed at the school, because it was "Color Black & White." It made me mad, but it's okay, because that roll of film was a test, meaning I only took pictures of a black sheet and a white wall. And I wrote all my shutter speeds and aperture settings down, so when I get new film today, I can just do it again, probably in 5 minutes or so. I'm learning so much in Photography, and I love it, even though it sometimes makes me want to shoot someone. Did you ever learn about the Zone System? It's pretty awesome.
Tomorrow night, Erica and I are having a Pie Party. We invited most our Orem/Provo friends. We're going to make some pies before everyone comes, and have other people bring some too, and eat pie all night long, and probably play some board games I stole from the house. (Don't worry, I took the ones you guys don't play that much.)
Thanks for all you do for me, like making me really good and healthy dinner and cutting my hair. I'm taking care of myself down here, and haven't gained a pound yet, which is sa-weet. I'm making friends (like the ones I met today named Steve and Tyler) and I'm enjoying myself. Happy early birthday (on Monday!). I love you a lot, woman.

Love, your favorite daughter who makes good choices and doesn't drink, smoke, have sex, run away from home, kiss hot Turkish models (even though they're really attractive) or have bad friends, and listens to good music, Megan :)



I've been living here at school for almost two weeks now, and I thought it might be a good idea to update.

On August 25th, after the first day of school, I went to my Stake Social with Asian Dave, and later Derek showed up. The bishops from each ward were handing out questionairres for us to get to know the opposite sex, and slips of paper that said, "Hi, I'm ________. (___) ___-_____" I asked one of the bishops, "Are you guys trying to get us married off?" He looked and me and said, "Well, yeah." I laughed and walked away. I met up with my roommates from last year, and Laura gave me a slip of paper with her number that said, "Hi, I'm interested in you." Yusss.

(Laura's slip she gave me)

Later, when Derek got off work, we headed over to the shell and watched a variety show put on by members of the stake. Then every bishop from each ward did a Q&A, and answered [made up] questions [about marriage] in lip sync form, while dancing to the songs that played. It had me cracking up.

(Derek, me and Asian Dave at the variety show)

On August 28th, Erica and I headed over to Brittany's apartment for a ballin' (still don't know what that word means) party. I invited Ceyhun and Derek, and we all played Twister (okay, so really only Britany, Braden, some other guy and I played Twister while everyone else watched), talked and ate cake. When Justin got there, he gave all the girls a white rose, which I thought was pretty dang sweet. But then he lied to me about there being a guy who shot himself in my bedroom a few years ago. We also met a guy named Tyler Long-Partei. Sweet. Later, Erica, Ceyhun, Derek and I went back to my apartment and watched Big Daddy.

(Me and Erica with our roses Justin gave us)

(Brittany and Braden thought it would be funny to make a doggy pile on me)

(Megan V., Erica and me with Tyler Long-Partei)

On August 30th, I found out that my next-door neighbor, Jared, plays the drums like me, so I showed him my drum machine and we played with it for a while. Amanda watched.

(Amanda, me and Jared with my drum machine)

On September 1st, I went to my Ward Social with Rachel (I worked with Rachel over the summer and convinced her to move to my complex) and Annie (one of my roommates). We were amazed at how much amazing food there was--really. It blew my mind. After eating a ton of food, we met up with Jordan (he lives on the bottom floor of my building) and jumped on the tramp and had a dance party with the other wardies. I met some girls in my ward who are from Queens, which is awesome, because that's where August is serving.

(Jordan, Annie, me and Rachel at the Ward Social)

(The girls from Queens!)

After the Ward Social, Erica was at Derek's, so Rachel, Annie and I thought it would be funny to walk into Derek's apartment and sit on his couch. We sat there for about 5 or 10 minutes, telling each other how bad we all had to fart. He finally realized that we were on his couch, and we all started dancing and playing with his soccer ball and putting stools on our heads. Derek was annoyed, but I thought it was funny.

(Me and Rachel: stool heads!)

(Dancin' it out at Derek's)

On September 3rd, my complex had a BBQ. It wasn't very exciting, but I thought I'd show this picture of two of our next-door neighbors. This is what I have to look at everyday.

(Alex, Jared, me and Annie at the BBQ)

On September 4th, I drove home and went to Cherry Hill for a family reunion. I hung out with my two sisters, Rachel and Sara, and three of our friends: Kim, Shanny and Ashley. We went down the best waterslide in the world about a hundred times, ate dinner, went rock climbing, hit up the batting cages and played mini golf into the night. When we got back from our activities, we saw some dutch oven peach cobbler that my Aunt Marsha had made. We stuffed our faces (literally) until there was almost nothing left. As we drove home, we realized that Aunt Marsha was probably just letting the cobbler cool off. Whoops.

(Clockwise: me, Shanny, Sara, Ashley and Kim)

(Me at the batting cages)

On September 8th, Erica wanted to convert me back over to her Vegetarian ways, so she made Vegetarian Lasagne for me, Rachel and Asian Dave, and I made carmel popcorn. We cooked and baked together in the kitchen in our skivvies while listening to Belle & Sebastian. The Lasagne was delightful, and after eating it, we all hung out in my living room and talked about Sandy and how good at maths she is.

(Erica and me making lasagne and carmel popcorn)

Later that night, we went over to our new friends' apartment who live two miles and a moutain away (they live in the furthest building from us on the bottom floor, and we live on the top floor of our building). Their names are Nick, Wes, Zac and Ryan. We played Rock Band, and then watched YouTube videos. I don't know who brought it up, but we all pretty much decided that we needed to have a 7-way spooning session. It's yet to happen.

On September 9th, which was yesterday, I decided to make homemade pizza for our new friends. They came over when I was still cooking, so we all just hung out in the kitchen and talked while the pizza was cooking. After we ate, we all watched YouTube videos (again) and then decided to walk the two miles and a mountain to their apartment to watch Troll 2 (best movie ever). When the movie was done we all ate candy corn together, and then us girls walked home.

(Rachel, me and Erica)

(Left to right: Zac, Wes, Ryan, me, Erica, Rachel and Nick)


just to clear the air...

I did not kiss Ceyhun. I turned away. Just so's ya know's!