meet dad.

This is my dad.

He normally has both of his front teeth in tact. He will be 51 next month, and he's my favorite dad in the whole world! This is why:
  • While on a family vacation to Disneyworld, a parking assistant pointed us to a far parking lot, but my dad decided to park in an empty lot that was closer to the entrance. When told my the parking assistant that he couldn't park there, my dad said, "No, it's okay. I think I want to park right here, thanks."

  • When all my siblings were living out home, an angry dad burst out of his office and started yelling at everyone because his checkbook was gone. A while later, we had found his checkbook in his shirt pocket.

  • After giving my check for rent to my landlord, she emailed me saying that I had insufficient funds, which was a $25 fee. My dad emailed her, and pointed out three very good reasons as to why she was wrong, and at the end, wrote, "My initial guess is that a mistake was made at your office or at your bank. Should this be the case, our charge to you for time spent by us will be $25.00." The mistake was hers.

  • While exiting a parking garage one night, my dad noticed that the exit was blocked off with traffic cones. After driving around and finding no other exit, my dad ran over the cones and exited the garage--right in front of the parking assistant.

  • At dinner one night, my dad got mad at one of my little sister's for spilling the gravy, and asked her to go get a gravy boat to put the gravy in. After the gravy was poured into the gravy boat, my dad spilled it. No one would've noticed if I didn't get mad at him.

  • The other night, after finding out that my youngest sister had kissed the guy she had over, my dad stood right by them when they said their goodbyes just to make it awkward.

  • My dad closes his mouth when he burps, then blows it out, usually in someone's face.

I freaking love my dad.


where i get my inspiration.

I was sitting here in my room, pondering my life, and thinking about things that have been on my mind. It was then that I found out that I get some of my inspiration from the movie Hot Rod. I don't think I've been more happy.


general conference.

Each General Conference, my family gets together and makes apple dumplings--the kind my grandma Deenie used to make. It's a tradition. Before making these well beloved apple dumplings (which my family likes to call "apple dumps"), we split up into different teams, which usually only consist of a single person, and take on the responsibilities of that team. For example: Team Apple Peeler peels the apples, Team Cinnamon puts the cinnamon into the dumplings, and so forth.
Sometimes we make up ridiculous team names. A few Conferences ago, I kept going downstairs, so Matt make me Team Runaway. Well, yesterday during Conference, Matt made himself Team Baster, whose responsibilities consisted of dipping the apple slices into the cinnamon, and feeding them to the rest of us, and also filling a turkey baster (hence the name Baster) up with water, and squirting it into everyone's mouths for a refreshing drink. He even astounded us with his excellent service when he asked, "Would you like small, medium, or large?"
At the end of the apple dumpling making, we found out that Matt was a Master Baster.
Hey look! Cute baby: