sky diving.

Two days ago, I jumped out of an airplane that was flying 12,000 feet above ground. Luckily, I had an experienced professional hooked to my back, and a parachute hooked to his. Yep, I went sky diving, and it was awesome.
[In the second video, I was the second one to jump out. Sorry, one of the jumper's arms was in the way.]



My friend, August, texts me from his email every Monday morning for an hour at 9:00 am. This just happens to be the time I have my Gender Roles class. Almost every Monday in class, I have texted August, and hid it from the professor, who thinks we're high school students who should keep their cell phones in the pockets.
Today, while texting August under my desk, my teacher yelled, "YOU!" I looked up and she was pointing right at me. "You just lost all your participation points for the whole semester for texting. Put your phone away!"
"Oh, crap," I thought, while hiding my phone better instead of putting it away. Then I realized that my professor doesn't know my name. How do I know this?
  1. The semester is more than halfway finished, and she still has us put our name tags out.
  2. I never put mine out.
  3. Throughout the whole class, I've commented on the lecture one time. Therefore, she does not think to remember my name, because she won't need to. I barely participate.
  4. At the beginning of the semester, she admitted that she was horrible at memorizing names. Hence, the name tags.

The fact that Spring Break starts on Wednesday is even more perfect, because then she'll forget all about taking away my points, because the next time I see her will be a week from today.

I'm kind of proud of myself for not getting caught until now for texting. I'm better at hiding my phone than I thought! Can I get a what-what?


meet august andrew.

This is my best friend, August:

He just turned 20 years old.
He is serving an LDS mission in New York City.
He speaks Spanish there.
We write letters back and forth.
He has a lot of dreams that take place in bathrooms.
He likes pina coladas.
He likes music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
He likes Dr. Pepper.
He is easy to talk to.
He cares about me.
He respects me.
We talk about everything.
I am in love with him. :)


"san fran, as the locals call it."

My older brother, Matt, and his wife, Stephanie, and their son, Aiden, are moving to San Francisco tomorrow, because my brother got a new job. So tonight, my family and I celebrated their leaving by going out to dinner. After dinner, we all went to my parents' house. The girls hung out in mom's craft room and talked about future wedding plans, and wedding night plans (haha) and the guys hung out downstairs, installing a server for our home theater. Afterwards, a few of us played Texas Hold 'Em.
Matt's my favorite brother, and Steph's my favorite sister-in-law, and Aiden's my favorite (and only) nephew, so I'm obviously going to miss them a lot. I'm also going to miss mine and Matt's Thursday nights spent watching Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office, then playing wii for a while.
The fact that they're leaving hasn't set it quite yet, though. When it does, I will cry--I can promise you that. I'm going to miss my family!

I love that my family can't keep a straight face.