too funny not to post.

This story is kind of embarrassing, but I know that I'll be incredibly mad at myself if I don't post it, because I need to remember this! These kinds of things never, and I mean NEVER happen to me. They only happen in movies!
Tonight I went to Rachel's high school basketball game, the Paradigm Patriots. I sat with my mom, Sara, Ashley and Dylan. If you know my family, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that we were cheering very loud, and dancing, too. Before the game started, a man and his wife (who were there for Pinnacle, not Paradigm) came and sat next to us. We started cheering really loud (and probably obnoxiously, too) when Paradigm came out.
The man asked in an annoyed voice, "Are you guys going to cheer that loud the whole game?"
We just responded, "HECK YES! Probably even louder!" "We're going to dance, too," I added, and started dancing.
The man and his wife got up and sat somewhere else. We laughed. The game started.
There's something you need to know about me until I go any further. I am a natural bad mouth. When I go to sports games, I automatically bad mouth the other team. That's how I cheer. I really can't help it, I promise. Well, the bad mouthing (not done by JUST me) got so intense that, during half time, the ref addressed it and said, "We need to keep the poor sportsmanship out of this game. Remember we're here for the kids. You can 'boo,' but just 'boo' in silence." I booed.
I figured I better be relatively quiet for the rest of the game, so besides the occasional "WOO," I sat down and kept my mouth shut, because I didn't want Paradigm to get e technical foul.
During the 4th quarter, a little kid, probably about 2 years ago, felt off the side of the bleachers. Everyone rushed over there to see what was going on. People were calling the ambulance. Someone asked, "Is anyone a paramedic?!" The man who had moved to a different spot at the beginning of the game got up and ran down there.
Totally changing my opinion of him, because he saved lives, I yelled down to him, "Sorry for pissing you off," and laughed a little bit. A lady on the other side of the bleachers then started yelling at me for laughing at the little kid who had fallen off the bleachers. I started to yell back, telling her that she shouldn't be giving me lip, and that I had no idea what she was talking about. We yelled at each other from across the bleachers for a good 20 seconds, when some people in front of me started yelling at me. I yelled at them, too, laughing at how pissed of they were for misinterpreting what I had said. They were officially pissed off. The game finally started again, and Pinnacle won.
Out of the blue, a girl who was standing on the court after the game had finished looked right at Sara and Ashley, and gestured the words, "You and me--let's go." Sara just made a what-the-heck? face, and the girl turned away. Sara and Ashley started laughing, thinking, "What in the world just happened?" The girl then turned around, saw that Sara and Ashley were laughing at her, and started running up the bleacher stairs as fast as she could, heading straight for Sara.
Sara automatically started freaking out and losing her cool. When the crazy, charging rhino was about a yard or two away from Sara, she stopped, and walked back up to her family who was sitting above us on the bleachers.
I looked up at the white trash mom, and she started yelling at me, saying that we were poor sports, flipping us off and cussing up a storm. I just smiled and waved at her. Then I said that I liked to be a poor sport, and she should just get over it.
Right after that, her husband walked down to us and started telling us that out of all the hundreds of games he's been to, he's never seen such poor sportsmanship. Inside, I secretly patted myself on the back. Then I told him that there is going to be poor sportsmanship at any game he goes to, and that he should get used to it. I smiled and walked away.
Down on the court, where my family was, we kept glancing at the white trash family, not believing what had just happened. We felt scared, and mad, and we were ready to break out into a fist fight.
When we left, my dad walked me to my car so I wouldn't get jumped. When I got home, he called me to make sure I was safe inside my apartment. That's how intense tonight was.
Thank you to Pinnacle High School basketball fans who scared the crap out of my sister and made tonight unforgettable. May you all end up in jail one day.


new things.

So... I got my braces off yesterday. And I got my hair cut on Sunday. So I guess that means I have to post a picture. This is the new me. :)

I still have my long hair, don't worry. I'm over the phase of thinking I need shoulder-length hair. Hope you like it! I sure do.


february fourteenth.

Valentine's Day this year was awesome. It was spent with the people that I absolutely love! Although I'm the only one in my family who is over the age of 16 without a boyfriend or husband, I still enjoyed the day of love.
The day was spent with the entire side of my dad's family, because it was my Grandpa Dennis's 75th birthday, which we spent at my parents' house that night. My dad has 7 [living] siblings, and I think 5 of them came--with their spouses and children, so our house was crazy. We had an inside BBQ, watched movies, and ate cake. It was a good night, and I'm glad my Grandpa could share his birthday with us.

Oh, last year's Valentine's Day was pretty fun, too.


my life is average.

I admit that, over the past week or two, I have found myself on the My Life is Average website. I can't help that the posts on it are beyond hilarious--maybe even funnier than my own life. But my whole day today felt like one huge MLIA post. It kept me laughing throughout the day, as well as letting me think my life was some sort of epic adventure.
The day started like any other; I got up early and got ready for school. On my way out the door, I got my keys out to lock it. Just as I shut the door, my lanyard got stuck in it--and the door was locked. At this time, Jared from upstairs walked past me and laughed at me. I felt defeated. I fumbled with my keys until I found the right one, and stuck it in the lock. To make that situation a little more awkward, I was on the phone with my roommate, Kelsey, which limited me to using only one of my hands. But, nevertheless, I got my lanyard out of the door, and headed off to school.
On the way to Spanish from Institute, my Spanish class buddy, Dallin, caught up with me and started talking about how weird it was that the guy who just drove past was blaring his music with his windows down. "The only time I do that is when I have Enya or Yani playing on my radio." Needless to say, I think I'm in love.
In my Latin Dance class, it was Creeper Cody's turn to dance with me. As he walked over to me, undressing me with his eyes, he said in a deep, smooth voice, "Hey, how are you doing?" Trying not to gag, shutter, or run away, I half heartedly said, "Pretty good, dude," trying to get the point across that I am in no way attracted to him. Not only that, but he had bad timing. I'm a drummer. Bad timing bugs me.
On the shuttle on the way home from school, I was sitting by Kenzie who lives two buildings down from me. We've talked once or twice, but that's it. She tapped me on the shoulder, held out her ear bud, and asked, "Hey, want to listen to Mr. Roboto with me?" Filled with joy, I said, "Yes! I love that song!" We rode the whole way home, saying nothing, just listening to Mr. Roboto playing on her iPod. A perfect way to end school.
A few hours later, I talked Kelsey into going with me to the school's Tailgate Party. I think she said, "This better not be gay," about twenty times. "I'm going to keep saying it until I know it's not gay, or until I find out it is gay, and in that case, it will affect your destiny." When we got there, there were about fifteen people there, and we decided to turn around right then, and walk back to the car. Best Tailgate Party ever.
Four words: My life is average.


After about two hours of messing around with my blog, I am finally finished constructing it into something better. I changed some of the colors, and I added my header picture (which took probably an hour and 59 minutes). Here's what I've got to show for it. If you don't like it, you can go eat a horse. PHEW!