being frugal: cheap activities.

My friend, Emily, recently said to me, "I need some lessons from you on how to be cheap." Delighted, I quickly started brainstorming on advice I could give her on how to be "cheap."

You see, I hate spending money, but I love buying new things. This used to be a problem for me, until I realized, "Dude, I can still buy things, and not spend very much money!" It always bugs me when people claim they're frugal when they spend $30.00 on a shirt. For rizzle? I could buy, like, 6 pizzas with that! That could feed me for weeks!

If you're newly married, or if you're a poor college student, or both, or if you just don't want to spend $30.00 on a shirt, keep reading; this blog is for you. I've taught myself how to get the most of my money, how to get things for cheap, and how to save money I would've otherwise spent.

Today, I want to make a list of fun things to do--whether you're a college student, married, or whatever--that cost little to no money. AWESOME.

  1. See a movie at the dollar theater. Who wants to spend $8.00-$10.00 on a movie when you can just wait a few weeks and see it for $1.00? Sometimes they even have student discounts, and you can see the movie for less than a dollar!
  2. Go on a hike. What could be better than being in the great outdoors and exercising at the same time? Pack some snacks, take your camera, and you're set to have a good time.
  3. Get some friends together and do a service project. If you have a good attitude, they can be a lot of fun! Visit people in the hospital, rake someones leaves, tend a child.
  4. Tye dye! If you get enough people to do it and split the cost of the kit, it'll be super cheap, and you'll look like a hippie afterwards! Sweet!
  5. Play board games. They're fun with lots of people.
  6. Play night games! Buy a bunch of glow sticks (I just got a pack of 15 for $1.00 at Target last night!), cut them open and splatter them all over yourself, and play night games to your heart's content!
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk. Outline peoples' bodies, draw pictures of flowers and happiness, even play hopscotch.
  8. Volunteer somewhere. A few years ago, I volunteered at the Humanitarian Center and put together survival kits for people in other countries. It was a blast!
  9. Go ice blocking. There's nothing like sliding down a big hill with a cold bum.
  10. Paint your nails. Eat snacks while you do it. Emily and I like to call this, "Nums and Nails."
  11. Go window shopping. Sometimes when I'm itching to buy something, this satisfies the need. Plus, it's fun.
  12. Wash your car. Best thing ever! Free car wash, and it usually turns into an awesome water fight.
  13. Make a music video with your friends. You'll probably laugh your head off at it a few years down the road, just like Emily and I did.
  14. Go on a picnic. This idea is just fantastic. That's that.
  15. Fly kites. Whenever I do this, I always end up laughing hysterically.
Those are just a few ideas I've got up my sleeves. When you don't have money to spend, you need to use your creativity. It makes it fun.

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